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Emergency or Abnormal Situation

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Perhaps it would be helpful to add to the regulatory background the practical point that whilst the appropriate crew response should indeed be contained within the on-board Operations Manual, the initial actions should be in the "Quick Reference Handbook" (QRH) or "Emergency Abnormal Checklist" (EAC) which contain relevant Abnormal and Emergency Checklists (and any important supplementary information) taken from the Operations Manual. For an 'Emergency', using the QRH/EAC is as much as will be possible. For an 'Abnormal situation' subsequent consultation of the Operations Manual might occur if the crew considered that it might assist them and if time available permitted. It should also be the case that each flight crew position should be provided with its own copy of the QRH/EAC and that Operator procedures for keeping the Operations Manual updated must include simultaneous updating of the QRH/EAC copies if necessary. A link to the entry for QRH is needed too!--Ed.Pooley 12:43, 24 January 2008 (CET)

Editorial Comment

Some good practical points here, thank you. Article revised.--Ian.Wigmore 12:22, 8 February 2008 (CET)