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Shahjalal International Airport

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Name Shahjalal International Airport
Region Asia and Pacific
Territory Bangladesh BD.gif
Location Kurmitola, Bangladesh
Serving Dhaka
Elevation 8.23 m
27 ft8.23 m
Coordinates 23° 50' 36.36" N, 90° 24' 10.53" E
Designator Length Width Surface ROPS

Observation VGHS 220630Z 24003KT 3500 HZ FEW015 SCT100 33/25 Q1009 NOSIG
Station DHAKA
Date/Time 22 October 2019 06:30:00
Wind direction 240°
Wind speed 03 kts
Lowest cloud amount few clouds
Temperature 33°C
Dew point 25°C
Humidity 63%
QNH 1009 hPa
Weather condition n/a

Tag(s) Cumulonimbus

Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, formerly known as Dacca International Airport and Zia International Airport (VGZR), is the largest airport in Bangladesh.


Tropical Savanna climate (Köppen climate classification Aw)



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Airport Layout

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Accidents & Serious Incidents at or in vicinity of VGHS

  • B772, Dhaka Bangladesh, 2018 (On 24 July 2018, a Boeing 777-200 making its second attempt to land at Dhaka in moderate to heavy rain partly left the runway during its landing roll and its right main landing gear sustained serious impact damage before the whole aircraft returned to the runway with its damaged gear assembly then causing runway damage. The Investigation attributed the excursion to the flight crew’s inadequate coordination during manual handling of the aircraft and noted both the immediate further approach in unchanged weather conditions and the decision to continue to a landing despite poor visibility instead of going around again.)
  • B773, Dhaka Bangladesh, 2016 (On 7 June 2016, a GE90-115B engined Boeing 777-300 made a high speed rejected takeoff on 3200 metre-long runway 14 at Dhaka after right engine failure was annunciated at 149KCAS - just below V1. Neither crew nor ATC requested a runway inspection and 12 further aircraft movements occurred before it was closed for inspection and recovery of 14 kg of debris. The Investigation found that engine failure had followed Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) contamination of some of the fuel nozzle valves which caused them to malfunction leading to Low Pressure Turbine (LPT) mechanical damage. The contaminant origin was not identified.)