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Yangon International Airport

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Name Yangon International Airport
Region Asia and Pacific
Territory Myanmar MM.gif
Location Mingaladon, Yangon Region
Serving Yangon
Elevation 33.223 m
109 ft33.223 m
Coordinates 16° 54' 34.97" N, 96° 8' 5.96" E
Designator Length Width Surface ROPS
3/21 3414 m11,200.787 ft
61 m200.131 ft
ASP yes/yes

Observation VYYY 281700Z 11006KT 5000 RA BKN014 FEW018CB OVC090 25/25 Q1006
Station Yangon
Date/Time 28 September 2020 17:00:00
Wind direction 110°
Wind speed 06 kts
Lowest cloud amount broken clouds
Temperature 25°C
Dew point 25°C
Humidity 100%
QNH 1006 hPa
Weather condition n/a

Yangon International Airport, located in Mingaladon, 15 km8.099 nm
15,000 m
49,212.598 ft
north of downtown Yangon, Myanmar.


Tropical Monsoon climate (Köppen climate classification Am)



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Airport Layout

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Accidents & Serious Incidents at or in vicinity of VYYY

  • A320 / AT76, Yangon Myanmar, 2017 (On 18 September 2017, a departing Airbus A320 was instructed to line up and wait at Yangon but not given takeoff clearance until an ATR72 was less than a minute from touchdown and the prevailing runway traffic separation standard was consequently breached. The Investigation found that the TWR controller had been a temporarily unsupervised trainee who, despite good daylight visibility, had instructed the A320 to line up and wait and then forgotten about it. When the A320 crew, aware of the approaching ATR72, reminded her, she “did not know what to do” and the trainee APP controller had to intervene.)
  • DH8D, Yangon Myanmar, 2019 (On 8 May 2019, a Bombardier DHC8-400 making its second approach to Yangon during a thunderstorm touched down over halfway along the runway after an unstabilised approach but then briefly became airborne again before descending very rapidly and sustaining extreme structural damage on impact before sliding off the end of the runway. The Investigation found that prior to the final rapid descent and impact, the Captain had placed the power levers into the beta range, an explicitly prohibited action unless an aircraft is on the ground. No cause for the accident other than the actions of the crew was identified.)