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Territory information
Name Vanuatu
Territory code NV VU.gif
Region Asia and Pacific


Vanuatu, officially Republic of Vanuatu, has Port-Vila as its capital

Airports in Vanuatu

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Accidents in Vanuatu

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Operators based in Vanuatu

Airport listing of Vanuatu

Anatom AirportAneityum7 feet2.134 m <br />InyeugTafea province
Aniwa AirportAniwa69 feet21.031 m <br />AniwaTafea province
Bauerfield International AirportPort Vila68 feet20.726 m <br />Port VilaEfate
Craig Cove AirportAmbrym Island69 feet21.031 m <br />Craig CoveMalampa province
Dillon's Bay AirportErromango538 feet163.982 m <br />Dillon's BayTafea province
Futuna AirportFutuna95 feet28.956 m <br />FutunaTafea province
Gaua AirportBanks Islands100 feet30.48 m <br />GauaTorba province
Ipota AirfieldErromango23 feet7.01 m <br />IpotaTafea province
Lamen Bay AirportEpi7 feet2.134 m <br />Lamen BayShefa province
Longana AirportAmbae Island167 feet50.902 m <br />LonganaPenama province
Lonorore AirportPentecost Island43 feet13.106 m <br />BaravetPenama province
Maewo-Naone AirportMaewoTakulafaPenama province
Malekoula AirportMalekoula7 feet2.134 m <br />LamapMalampa province
Mota Lava AirportMota Lava63 feet19.202 m <br />AplowTorba province
Norsup AirportMalakula23 feet7.01 m <br />NorsupMalampa province
Olpoi AirportEspiritu Santo33 feet10.058 m <br />OlpoiSanma province
Paama AirportPaama Island7 feet2.134 m <br />TavieMalampa province
Redcliffe AirportAmbae Island36 feet10.973 m <br />LoonePenama province
Santo-Pekoa International AirportEspiritu Santo184 feet56.083 m <br />LuganvilleSanma province
Sara AirportPentacost IslandArongbwaratuPenama province
Siwo AirportEmae Island7 feet2.134 m <br />SiwoShefa
South West Bay AirportWintuaSouthwest BayMalampa province
Tongoa AirportTongoa Island443 feet135.026 m <br />PeleShefa province
Torres AirportTorres Islands75 feet22.86 m <br />Linua IslandTorba province
Ulei AirportAnbrym IslandUleiMalampa province
Valesdir AirportEpi Island10 feet3.048 m <br />ValesdirShefa province
Vanua Lava AirportVanua Lava Island7 feet2.134 m <br />SolaTorba province
Walaha AirportAmbae Island151 feet46.025 m <br />WalahaPenama province
Whitegrass AirportTanna27 feet8.23 m <br />WhitegrassTafea province