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Content management and control

SKYbrary is an electronic repository of safety data related to ATM and aviation safety in general. It is also a portal, a common entry point that enables users to access the safety data made available on the websites of various aviation organisations - regulators, service providers, industry.

Skybrary adopts the concept of Media-wiki products - anyone can comment, propose modification to an existing article, suggest a new topic or submit a draft article. However, there is an important difference that distinguishes SKYbrary from other wikkies. A robust content management and control process ensures the needed quality, reliability and consistency of stored safety data.

More detailed information on content development and quality assurance procedures can be obtained from the dedicated article on Skybrary Content Management.

SKYbrary in 2010

SKYbrary content development priorities remain, for now, unchanged and have been to focus on:

  • Who: Flight Operations
  • Where: Globally
  • What: Operational Risks
  • Aviation sector: Commercial Air Transport

Our Content Development objectives in 2009 were to achieve core subject coverage in 5 key risk categories:

  • Loss of Control
  • CFIT
  • Runway Excursion
  • Runway Incursion
  • Loss of Separation

In 2010 we are adding further material to these categories and are presently working towards core subject coverage for all Operational Issues and Airworthiness, and we are also building a new user forum.

Before you fly there Forum


In 2010 we are building a new Forum designed to respond to the needs of SKYbrary users. The "before you fly there" Forum seeks to provide an opportunity for users to share information regarding operational hazards that may not be available in AIPs.

Many larger operators maintain thier own databases of useful information for pilots who may not have been to a particular destination recently or perhaps ever. However, in some cases, there may be no corporate experience of flying into a particular airport or a particular region of the world. AIPs of course contain a great deal of information but the forum provides an opportunity for professionals to share information that may not be available to all.

Why not take this opportunity to visit it at this early stage and provide feedback and perhaps also contribute operational knowledge. to visit the new look Forum click here.

Human Factors

Human Factors

We have already incorporated The FSF Operators Guide to Human Factors in Aviation (OGHFA) into SKYbrary and in 2010 further developments will result in a new Human Factors Portal which will include new articles and links to extensive resources for safety managers. In partnership with the International Federation of Airworthiness (IFA) we will be introducing material which addresses the issue of human factors in maintenance.

New Categories

Cabin Safety Emergency Planning and Response

In 2010, increased effort will be put into exapnding the breadth of knowledge on SKYbrary. We will be developing and expanding several new categories of collected knowledge, including:

  • Cabin Safety
  • Emergency Planning and Response

SKYbrary Partners

SKYbrary is an initiative of the following organisations:

aimed at developing a comprehensive source of aviation safety information and making it available to users worldwide.

SKYbrary's Strategic Objective

SKYbrary's objective is to become a single point of reference for aviation safety knowledge. The SKYbrary knowledgebase is a dynamic enterprise and has taken several years to develop. To develop further, and maintain the accuracy and relevance of the knowledgebase, will require the support and active participation of all those interested in promoting best practice and knowledge in aviation safety.

The SKYbrary team

The EUROCONTROL SKYbrary content development team has a wealth of experience in aviation. To learn more about the individuals who have contributed knowledge to, and guided the development of, SKYbrary see the separate page "Who Is Who"

The SKYbrary wiki platform

SKYbrary is set up as a wiki, using the same platform as wikipedia, with some additions and some restrictions. If you want to learn more, do check Help.

If you would like to contribute an article to SKYbrary, click here