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ESARR 3 – Use of Safety Management System by ATM Service Providers


ESARR 3 mandates the implementation and use of Safety Management Systems (SMS) by providers of ATM services.

The overall objective of this requirement is to ensure that all safety issues and risks within the provision of the ATM service have been addressed in a satisfactory manner, and to a satisfactory conclusion. The achievement of this objective is ensured through the implementation of the following requirements:

  • A formalized, explicit and proactive approach is applied to systematic safety management.
  • Individual safety responsibilities are defined for all staff involved in safety related tasks and management responsibilities for the safety performance of their organisation.
  • Safety of ATM is afforded the highest priority over commercial, operational, environmental and social pressures.
  • ATM contribution to the risk of an aircraft accident is reduced as far as reasonably practical.
  • Further requirements concerning safety achievement are defined, including risk assessment and mitigation; safety assurance and safety promotion.

The main components of an ATM service provider SMS meeting ESARR 3 requirements are described in the following table:

ESARR3 Table.jpg

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Detailed information on ESARR 3 and related implementation guidance material can be found on EUROCONTROL website http://www.eurocontrol.int/src/public/standard_page/esarr3.html