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Staffing Planning for ATS


Collaborative & Harmonised ATCO Manpower Planning


CHAMP is a EUROCONTROL process to bring ATS staff planners together to understand the long term impact of ATCO Staff Planning decisions using the LAMPS (Long term ATCO Manpower Planning Simulation) tool.

The Challenge

  • Knowing if ANSPs will experience an ATCO staff shortage or surplus over the next 15 years?
  • Knowing if ATCO staffing and training policies in place now, will ensure that there are enough ATCOs for the longer term?
  • Preparing for uncertainty?
  • Knowing the impact on ATCO staffing over the longer term, for example:
  • Traffic levels increase or decrease
  • More ATCOs leave the profession
  • Retirement age changes
  • Working conditions change
  • Other unforeseen changes occur

The LAMPS tool models and simulates the variables influencing ATCO availability and requirements over 15 years.

The CHAMP collaborative process comprises the following stages:

1. Reviewing the Current Situation 2. Assessing Future Challenges 3. Identifying the Long Term Impact 4. Devising Alternative Strategies 5. Evaluating Strategies 6. Deciding on Action Needed Benefits


The LAMPS / CHAMP approach enables: - in the short term:

  • Assessment of the current situation on ATCO Staff Planning.
  • Understanding of the long term impact of current decisions and policies on ATCO Staff Planning issues.

- in the medium and long term:

  • Alleviation of peaks and dips in ATCO availablility.
  • Building mutual awareness amongst the many players on ATCO Staff Planning issues.
  • The development of integrated solutions to ATCO Staff Planning issues.

Further Reading

For further information on CHAMP visit: http://www.eurocontrol.int/humanfactors/public/standard_page/ATCO_Planning.html