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The Single European Sky is a European initiative aimed to enhance safety and efficiency of air transport in Europe by restructuring European airspace as a function of air traffic flows and by reducing the fragmentation of the air traffic management in Europe. The first legislative package (SES I) adopted in 2004 comprises four basic regulations, which reinforce safety and foster the restructuring of European airspace and air navigation services. The regulations provide the framework for the creation of additional capacity and for improved efficiency and interoperability of ATM system in Europe.


Single European Sky

Articles are organised within the following sub-categories...

SES LegislationBasic Regulations SES LegislationImplementing Rules SES Implementation SESAR
SES Legislation
Basic Regulations
SES Legislation
Implementing Rules
SES Implementation SESAR
Basic Single European Sky regulations are binding for all EU Member States. The basic SES regulations are complemented by more detailed implementing rules (IRs) Articles covering aspects related to implementation of SES. Articles covering aspects related to the deployment of SES ATM Research