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TCAS Awareness kit

Clear of Conflict. Raising Awareness of the TCAS User Interface is an aid to, and not a substitute for proper TCAS training. This aid was developed by NATS in association with FlightSafety International and EUROCONTROL. More information about TCAS can be found here.

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Level Bust Toolkit
Clear of Conflict Go to:
Safety Behaviours - Guide for Pilots
TCAS II must be operated in RA mode to provide full safety benefits
[1.25 mins]
"TCAS II Activation"
For maximum safety benefits, Pilots should follow RAs promptly and accurately
[1.33 mins]
"Follow the RA"

Pilots must never manoeuvre in the opposite sense to an RA
[1.26 mins]
"Mid Air Collision of B757 and Tu-154, Uberlingen Germany, 2002"

Pilots must communicate RA's to controllers as soon as possible
[0.56 mins]
"RTF Phraseology associated with TCAS RAs"

Controllers must not interfere with pilot's reactions to RAs
[1.26 mins]
"Controllers Avoiding Instructions Opposite to RA"
"Guidance for Controllers"
Vertical speed must be reduced in response to the 'adjust vertical speed' RAs
[2.30 mins]
"Wrong reaction to 'Adjust Vertical Speed' RAs"

TCAS II displays should not be used for Self-Separation
[1.15 mins]
"Incorrect use of the TCAS traffic display"

Aircrew should consider reducing vertical speed when approaching their cleared flight level
[3.00 mins]
"Rate of climb within last 1000 ft before cleared level "

In a TCAS environment aircraft must operate their Altitude Reporting Transponder
[1.58 mins]
"Effect of Transponder Setting"
This aid was developed jointly by: NATS logo.pngFlightSafetyInternational logo.pngEurocontrol logo clr.jpg