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Qamdo Bamda Airport

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Name Qamdo Bamda Airport
Region Asia and Pacific
Territory China CN.gif
Location Bamda, Xizang
Serving Qamdo
Elevation 4,333.951 m
14,219 ft
14,219 ft4,333.951 m
Type medium airport
Coordinates 30° 33' 12.96" N, 97° 6' 29.88" E
Designator Length Width Surface ROPS

Qamdo Bamda Airport



Qamdo Bamda Airport, also known as Changdu Bangda Airport, is an airport serving Qamdo (Changdu), Tibet, China. It is located in the village of Bamda (Bangda).



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((Koppen climate classification ET))

Two minor climate categories exist. ET or polar tundra is a climate where the soil is permanently frozen to depths of hundreds of meters, a condition known as permafrost. Vegetation is dominated by mosses, lichens, dwarf trees, and scattered woody shrubs. EF or polar ice cap has a surface that is permanently covered with snow and ice.

ET - Polar Tundra

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