French Guiana

State/Territory Information
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French Guiana
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South America and Caribbean


French Guiana, officially Overseas Region of Guiana, has Cayenne as its capital

Territory airports

Airport listing

Name Serving Elevation Location Subdivision
Cayenne - Félix Eboué Airport Cayenne 24 ft Matoury Cayenne
Grand-Santi Airport Grand-Santi 185 ft Grand-Santi
Maripasoula Airport Maripasoula 377 ft Maripasoula Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni
Regina Airport (French Guiana) Regina 20 ft Regina Regina
Saint-Georges-de-l'Oyapock Airport Saint-Georges 36 ft Saint-Georges
Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni Airport Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni 17 ft Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni
Saül Airport Saül 703 ft Saül
Sinnamary Sinnamary 33 ft Sinnamary

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