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South America and Caribbean


Honduras, officially Republic of Honduras, has Tegucigalpa as its capital

Territory airports

Airport listing

Name Serving Elevation Location Subdivision
Ahuas Airport Ahuas 98 ft Ahuas Gracias a Dios Department
Brus Laguna Airport Brus Laguna 19 ft Brus Laguna Gracias a Dios Department
Cauquira Airport Cauquira 21 ft Dapat Gracias a Dios Department
Celaque Airport Gracias 2995 ft Gracias Lempira Department
Copan Ruinas Airport Copan Ruinas 2336 ft Copan Ruinas Copan Department
Coyoles Airport Coyoles 492 ft Coyoles Yoro Department
El Arrayan Airport Olanchito 722 ft Olanchito Yoro Department
Erandique Airport Erandique 4199 ft Erandique Lempira Department
Golosón International Airport La Ceiba 39 ft La Ceiba Atlantida Department
Guanaja Airport Guanaja 49 ft Guanaja Bay Islands Department
Jicalapa Airport Gualaco 2133 ft Jicalapa Olancho Department
Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport Roatan 39 ft Roatan Bay Islands Department
La Esperanza Airport L Esperanza and Intibuca 5492 ft La Esperanza Intibuca Department
La Union Airport La Union 2625 ft La Union Olancho Department
Palacios Airport Palacios 18 ft Palacios Gracias a Dios Department
Puerto Lempira Airport Puerto Lempira 33 ft Puerto Lempira Gracias a Dios Department
Ramón Villeda Morales International Airport San Pedro Sula 89 ft Col Independencia Cortes Department
Soto Cano Air Base Comayagua 2060 ft Palmerola Comayagua Department
Tela Airport Tela Tela Atlantida Department
Toncontín International Airport Tegucigalpa 3297 ft Tegucigalpa Central District
Trujillo Airport Trujillo 3 ft Playa Huanacarute Colon Department
Utila Airport Utila 29 ft Utila Bay Islands Department
Yoro Airport Yoro 2215 ft Yoro Yoro Department

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