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Africa-Indian Ocean


Madagascar, officially Republic of Madagascar, has Antananarivo as its capital

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Airport listing

Name Serving Elevation Location Subdivision
Ambalabe Airport Antsohihy 92 ft Ambalabe Sophia
Ambatomainty Airport Ambatomainty 1050 ft Ambatomainty Melaky
Ambatondrazaka Airport Ambatondrazaka 2513 ft Ambatondrazaka Alaotra-Mangoro
Ambilobe Airport Ambilobe 72 ft Ambilobe Antsiranana
Amborovy Airport Mahajanga 87 ft Amborovy Boeny
Ampampamena Airport Ambanja 49 ft Ampampamena Ambanja commune
Ampanihy Airport Ampanihy 758 ft Ampanihy Antsimo-Andrefana
Analalava Airport Analalava 345 ft Analalava Sofia
Ankavandra Airport Ankavandra 427 ft Ankavandra Menabe
Antsalova Airport Antsalova 551 ft Antsalova Melaky
Antsirabato Airport Antsirabato 20 ft Antsirabato Sava
Arrachart Airport Antsiranana 374 ft Arrachart Diana
Belo sur Tsiribihina Airport Belo sur Tsiribihina 154 ft Belo sur Tsiribihina Toliara
Besalampy Airport Besalampy 125 ft Besalampy Melaky
Dzaoudzi Pamandzi International Airport Dzaoudzi 23 ft Dzaoudzi Mayotte
Farafangana Airport Farafangana 26 ft Farafangana Atsimo-Atsinanana
Fascene Airport Nosy Be 36 ft Fascene Diana Region
Fianarantsoa Airport Fianarantsoa 3658 ft Fianarantsoa Haute Matsiatra
Ivato International Airport Antananarivo 4198 ft Antananarivo Antananarivo Province
Maintirano Airport Maintirano 95 ft Maintirano Melaky
Mampikony Airport Mampikony 200 ft Mampikony Sofia Region
Manakara Airport Manakara 33 ft Manakara Vatovavy-Fitovinany
Mananara Nord Airport Mananara Avaratra 9 ft Mananara Avaratra Analanjirofo Region
Mananjary Airport Mananjary 20 ft Mananjary Vatovavy-Fitovinany
Mandritsara Airport Mandritsara 1007 ft Mandritsara Sophia Region
Manja Airport Manja 787 ft Manja Menabe Region
Maroantsetra Airport Maroantsetra 13 ft Maroantsetra Analanjirofo Region
Miandrivazo Airport Miandrivazo 203 ft Ambatomena Menabe Region
Morafenobe Airport Morafenobe 748 ft Morafenobe Melaky Region
Morombe Airport Morombe 16 ft Morombe Atsimo-Atsinanana Region
Morondava Airport Morondava 30 ft Morondava Menabe Region
Moroni/Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport Moroni 93 ft Hahaya Comoros
Port Bergé Airport Port Bergé 213 ft Port Bergé Sofia Region
Sainte Marie Airport Sainte Marie 7 ft Raoraha Analanjirofo Region
Sainte-Marie/Roland Garros Airport Saint-Denis 66 ft Sainte Marie Réunion
Sambava Airport Sambava 20 ft Ambodisatrana Sava Region
Soalala Airport Soalala 141 ft Soalala Boeny
Tambohorano Airport Tambohorano 23 ft Tambohorano Melaky Region
Toamasina Airport Toamasina 22 ft Toamasina Atsinanana Region
Tôlanaro Airport Tôlanaro 20 ft Tôlanaro Anosy Region
Tsaratanana Airport Tsaratanana 1073 ft Tsaratanana Betsiboka
Tsiroanomandidy Airport Tsiroanomandidy 2776 ft Andrefan'ny Gara Bongolava Region
Vohemar Airport Vohemar 19 ft Vohemar Sava Region

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