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Netherlands, officially Kingdom of the Netherlands, has Amsterdam as its capital

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Airport listing

Name Serving Elevation Location Subdivision
Ameland Airport Ameland 11 ft Ballum Friesland
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Amsterdam -11 ft Haarlemmermeer Noord-Holland
Amsterdam/Heliport Amsterdam 0 ft Westpoort, Amsterdam Noord-Holland
Budel/Kempen Airport Weert 114 ft Budel Noord-Brabant
De Kooy Airfield De Kooy 3 ft Den Helder Noord-Holland
De Peel Air Base De Peel 98 ft Venray Limburg
Deelen Air Base Deelen 158 ft Deelen Gelderland
Drachten Airport Drachten 14 ft Drachten Friesland
Eelde Airport Groningen 17 ft Eelde Drenthe
Eindhoven Airport Eindhoven 74 ft Eindhoven Noord-Brabant
Enschede Airport Twente Enschede 114 ft Enschede Overijssel
Gilze-Rijen Air Base Gilze en Rijen 49 ft Gilze en Rijen Noord-Brabant
Hilversum Airport Hilversum 3 ft Hilversum Noord-Holland
Hoogeveen Airport Hoogeveen 40 ft Hoogeveen Drenthe
Leeuwarden Air Base Leeuwarden 3 ft Leeuwarden Friesland
Lelystad Airport Lelystad -13 ft Lelystad Flevoland
Maastricht Aachen Airport Maastricht 375 ft Beek Limburg
Midden-Zeeland Airport Middelburg 6 ft Middelburg Zeeland
Rotterdam The Hague Airport Rotterdam -15 ft Rotterdam Zuid-Holland
Seppe Airport Hoeven 30 ft Bosschenhoofd Noord-Brabant
Terlet Airfield Arnhem 276 ft Arnhem Gelderland
Teuge Airport Deventer 17 ft Teuge, Voorst Gelderland
Texel International Airport Texel 2 ft Den Burg Noord-Holland
Valkenburg Naval Air Base Valkenburg 1 ft Valkenburg Zuid-Holland
Volkel Air Base Volkel 72 ft Uden Noord-Brabant
Woensdrecht Air Base Woensdrecht 63 ft Woensdrecht Noord-Brabant

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