North Korea

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North Korea
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Asia and Pacific


Korea, North, officially Democratic People's Republic of Korea, has Pyongyang as its capital

Territory airports

Airport listing

Name Serving Elevation Location Subdivision
Kalma Airport Wonsan 7 ft Kalma Kwangwon
Orang Airport Chongjin 10 ft Orang North Hamgyong
Pyongyang Heliport Facility Pyongyang 75 ft Pyongyang Pyongan
Pyongyang International Airport Pyongyang 117 ft Sunan Pyongyang
Samjiyon Airport Samjiyon 4547 ft Samjiyon Ryanggang
Sondok Airport Chongpyonggun 7 ft Sondok Hamgyong
Uiju Airfield Uiju 32 ft Uiju Pyongan-bukto

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