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South America and Caribbean


Suriname, officially Republic of Suriname, has Paramaribo as its capital

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Airport listing

Name Serving Elevation Location Subdivision
Albina Airstrip Albina 21 ft Albina Marowijne
Botopasi Airstrip Botopasi 242 ft Botopasi Sipaliwini
Cayana Airstrip Kajana 360 ft Kajana Sipaliwini
Djoemoe Airstrip Djoemoe 290 ft Djoemoe Sipaliwini
Drietabbetje Airstrip Drietabbetje 236 ft Drietabbetje sipaliwini
Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport Paramaribo 59 ft Zanderij Paramaribo
Laduani Airstrip Aurora 236 ft Aurora Sipaliwini
Majoor Henry Fernandes Airport Nieuw Nickerie 10 ft Nieuw Nickerie Nickerie
Moengo Airstrip Moengo 49 ft Moengo Marowijne
Stoelgang Eiland Airstrip Stoelmans Eiland 187 ft Stoelmans Eiland Sipaliwini
Tepoe Airstrip Pelelu Tepu 596 ft Pelelu Tepu Sipaliwini
Totness Airstrip Totness 10 ft Totness Coronie
Vincent Fayks Airport Paloemeu 10 ft Pepejoe Sipaliwini
Wageningen Airstrip Wageningen 6 ft Wageningen Nickerie
Washabo Airport Apoera 68 ft Washabo Sipaliwini
Zorg en Hoop Airport Paramaribo 10 ft Paramaribo Paramaribo

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