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China, Republic of (Taiwan), officially Republic of China, has Taipei as its capital

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Airport listing

Name Serving Elevation Location Subdivisionsort descending
Cimei Airport Cimei 63 ft Cimei, Penghu County
Taitung Airport Fengnin 143 ft
Lyudao Airport Green Island 28 ft
Taoyuan Air Base Taoyuan 144 ft Taoyuan
Kaohsiung International Airport Kaohsiung City 30 ft Kaohsiung City
Chiayi Airport Chiayi 85 ft
Lanyu Airport Lanyu 44 ft
Hsinchu Air Base Hsinchu 26 ft
Magong Airport Magong City Magong City, Penghu County
Taipei/Songshan Songshan District, Taipei
Wang-an Airport Wang An 115 ft
Hualien Airport Hualien 52 ft
Taichung Airport Taichung 663 ft Taichung Central Taiwan
Kinmen Airport Kinmen 93 ft Jinhu Township, Kinmen County Fujian
Matsu Nangan Airport Nangan Island, Matsu Islands 232 ft Nangan Island, Matsu Islands Lienchiang
Matsu Beigan Airport Beigan, Matsu Islands 41 ft Beigan, Matsu Islands Lienchiang
Taipei/Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Taipei 119 ft Taoyuan Northern Taiwan
Pingtung South Airport Pingtung 78 ft Pingtung Pingtung
Hengchun Airport Hengchun 46 ft Hengchun Pingtung
Pingtung North Airport Pingtung 97 ft Pingtung Pingtung
Tainan Airport Tainan 63 ft Tainan Tainan
Chihhang Air Base Taitung 121 ft Taitung City Taitung
Longtan Air Base Longtang 790 ft Longtang Taoyuan

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