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Vanuatu, officially Republic of Vanuatu, has Port-Vila as its capital

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Airport listing

Name Serving Elevation Location Subdivision
Anatom Airport Aneityum 7 ft Inyeug Tafea province
Aniwa Airport Aniwa 69 ft Aniwa Tafea province
Bauerfield International Airport Port Vila 68 ft Port Vila Efate
Craig Cove Airport Ambrym Island 69 ft Craig Cove Malampa province
Dillon's Bay Airport Erromango 538 ft Dillon's Bay Tafea province
Futuna Airport Futuna 95 ft Futuna Tafea province
Gaua Airport Banks Islands 100 ft Gaua Torba province
Ipota Airfield Erromango 23 ft Ipota Tafea province
Lamen Bay Airport Epi 7 ft Lamen Bay Shefa province
Longana Airport Ambae Island 167 ft Longana Penama province
Lonorore Airport Pentecost Island 43 ft Baravet Penama province
Maewo-Naone Airport Maewo Takulafa Penama province
Malekoula Airport Malekoula 7 ft Lamap Malampa province
Mota Lava Airport Mota Lava 63 ft Aplow Torba province
Norsup Airport Malakula 23 ft Norsup Malampa province
Olpoi Airport Espiritu Santo 33 ft Olpoi Sanma province
Paama Airport Paama Island 7 ft Tavie Malampa province
Redcliffe Airport Ambae Island 36 ft Loone Penama province
Santo-Pekoa International Airport Espiritu Santo 184 ft Luganville Sanma province
Sara Airport Pentacost Island Arongbwaratu Penama province
Siwo Airport Emae Island 7 ft Siwo Shefa
South West Bay Airport Wintua Southwest Bay Malampa province
Tongoa Airport Tongoa Island 443 ft Pele Shefa province
Torres Airport Torres Islands 75 ft Linua Island Torba province
Ulei Airport Anbrym Island Ulei Malampa province
Valesdir Airport Epi Island 10 ft Valesdir Shefa province
Vanua Lava Airport Vanua Lava Island 7 ft Sola Torba province
Walaha Airport Ambae Island 151 ft Walaha Penama province
Whitegrass Airport Tanna 27 ft Whitegrass Tafea province

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