Knowledge, Skills and Experience for Safe Operations

Knowledge, Skills and Experience for Safe Operations

Eurocontrol Headquarters, Brussels

The 2023 Safety Forum

The 10th Annual Safety Forum took place 7 - 8 June 2023 in Brussels. The event was focused on Knowledge, Skills and Experience for Safe Operations.

The Forum was organised by the Flight Safety Foundation European Advisory Committee together with EUROCONTROL and the European Regions Airline Association

Knowledge, Skills and Experience for Safe Operations

As demonstrated by the COVID-19 crisis, aviation industry resilience and vitality are in many areas constrained by the availability of suitably trained, qualified and experienced staff. The issue affects everyone – people on the sharp end in flight operations, maintenance, ground handling, air traffic control and airport personnel, as well as managers and other personnel on the blunt end. There has also been a loss of experience through normal retirement and through redundancies where alternative employment has proved more attractive than returning to aviation. At the same time, new realities in the industry and society, including paradigms for sustainable development, technological advances, new business models and new generations are bringing new demands for particular skills and knowledge.

Videos and Presentations

Videos of the presentations delivered at the 10th Annual Safety Forum can be found here.

Forum Report

The Safety Forum report was published in August 2023 and reflects the understanding that there will be different pressures on the aviation system related to the current and future availability of knowledge, skills and experience necessary to ensure safe operations. The identified generic types of pressures can have safety effects if the aviation system is not resilient enough to properly manage them. 

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