Preventing Runway Collisions

Preventing Runway Collisions


The 2017 Safety Forum

On 6/7 June 2017 a Safety Forum focused on the single issue of Preventing Runway Collisions was held at Eurocontrol in Brussels.

The event was co-hosted by Flight Safety Foundation, EUROCONTROL, and European Regions Airline Association.

Key Findings, Strategies and Action Opportunities

The Findings, Strategies and Action Opportunities arising from the Safety Forum were published on 30th June 2017.

HindSight 24

The 24th edition of EUROCONTROL's safety journal "HindSight" was published in December 2016 and focused on the prevention of runway collisions.

Runway Safety knowledge on SKYbrary

SKYbrary has a category of articles dedicated to the topic of Preventing Runway Collisions.

List of Forum Speakers

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