Safety Behaviours

Safety Behaviours


The 2018 Safety Forum

The 6th Annual Safety Forum took place on 29-30 May 2018 in Brussels. The event was dedicated to Safety Behaviours.

The Forum was co-sponsored by the Flight Safety Foundation, European Regions Airline Association and EUROCONTROL.

Key Findings, Strategies and Action Opportunities

The Findings, Strategies and Action Opportunities arising from the Safety Forum were published on 27th June 2018.

Event Organisation Committee

This year's EAC Event Organising Committee has been co-chaired by:

  • Stanislaw Drozdowski, EUROCONTROL and
  • Capt Pascal Kremer, Luxair and European Regions Airline Association (ERA)

Organising Committee Members:

  • Karen Bolton, UK NATS
  • Mike Edwards, Homefield ATM Safety
  • Capt Ed Pooley, The Air Safety Consultancy
  • Capt Harry Nelson, Airbus
  • Dr Richard Kennedy, Boeing

SKYbrary Partners:

Safety knowledge contributed by: