Safety of Vertical Navigation on Final Approach Workshop

Safety of Vertical Navigation on Final Approach Workshop

EUROCONTROL Headquarters, Rue de la Fusée 96, 1130 Brussels, Belgium

On 20th October 2023, the EUROCONTROL Network Manager navigation and operational safety teams, in collaboration with relevant aviation industry entities, jointly held a workshop on how to maintain or improve the safety level of PBN based final approach operations with (barometric) vertical guidance.


Performance Based Operation (PBN) was introduced in the approach phase of flight for safety reasons in order to reduce controlled flight into terrain (CFIT).

RNP approach is the most common PBN approach and mandated by the Performance-Based Navigation Implementing Regulations (PBN IR). RNP approaches are enabled by the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) but come in two major technical variants. Vertical guidance is either supplied using additional barometric inputs or using geometric guidance available through SBAS (Space Based Augmentation System).

Most modern aircraft have vertical navigation capability using barometric inputs. This means that a large part of the commercial air transport fleet is equipped. Such avionics can provide both lateral and vertical guidance and provide better access and lower minima to runways. However, barometric vertical guidance is dependent on a correct setting of local barometric pressure.

Workshop Agenda

Session Presenter
Welcome Speech Iacopo Prissinotti, Director NM
Intro - RNP approach operations & fleet equipage EUROCONTROL / ESSP
Safety incidents with RNP APCH using Baro-VNAV Thierry Rozec, Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses (BEA)
From safety risk assessment to safety actions, NSA & ANSP View Muriel Broussy, DSNA / Yoni Malka, DSAC
Pilots Perspective Henrik Ekstrand, Novair / Marco van Roon, Transavia
Pilots Perspective Moritz Buerger, European Cockpit Association (ECA)
ANSP View & ATC Tools Roman Kienast, Austro Control
ANSP View & ATC Tools Bart Banning, LVNL
ANSP View & ATC Tools Adam Exley, NATS
Manufacturer View Dirk De Winter / Julien Bernage, Airbus
Manufacturer View Mark Brown / David Zeitouni, Boeing
EASA View Raúl Sanchez, EASA
Wrap-up & Conclusions

Videos of the presentations

Videos of the presentations


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