Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controller

How will this role change in the next years? Discover it with us

Start your journey here by exploring the next four steps below to better understand how the role of the Tower Air Traffic Controller (Tower ATCO) is going to change and the skills

required in the future working environment.

  1. Explore the future scenario
    • The scenario describes the major technological changes and the related impact on current professional roles
  2. Select a future profile
    • Each future profile outlines the main training needs, competences, knowledge, and skills required by new entrants and professionals to perform successfully in the new working environment
  3. Evaluate your skills
    • Conduct a self-assessment to understand how confident you feel with the key behavioural competences identified for each future profile and be prepared to improve or upgrade them
  4. Get your resources toolkit
    • Receive suggestions of courses and learning materials based on your test results so you can take your skills to the next level


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