Explore the future scenario

Explore the future scenario

Discover the major trends and technological transformations and the related impact on current professional roles

Technologies for managing the flow of passengers

Advanced information technologies and automation are expected to have a significant impact on the airport operations. New and emerging technologies will be changing travel experiences of the passengers at the airports, enhancing services quality and efficiency. The current concept of having human staff at desks will be modified, and different tools and applications will support the airport staff in managing the flow of passengers and distributing people at the right gates.

Technological changes

  • The introduction of fully autonomous baggage and self-service solutions for check-in will enhance the efficiency of check-in operations at airports
  • Innovations in mobile, analytics and biometric technologies will play a huge role in making the industry more security resilient (including to pandemics) and will also bring operational and commercial benefits
  • Quick boarding gates will allow passengers to self-scan the boarding pass

Impact on the role of Check-in agent

  • Ground staff will not be involved anymore into the passenger boarding and would be able to focus on supervisory tasks or special cases
  • With self-service solutions for check-in, gate agents and ground staff will be more focused on interacting with customers and assisting passengers at any point of their journey

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