Authors and Acknowledgements

Authors and Acknowledgements


Steven Shorrock is Project Leader, Safety Development at EUROCONTROL and the European Safety Culture Programme Leader. He has a Bachelor degree in psychology, Master degree in work design and ergonomics and PhD in incident analysis and performance prediction in air traffic control. He is a Registered Ergonomist and a Chartered Psychologist with a background in practice and research in safety-critical industries. Steve is also Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the University of New South Wales, School of Aviation.

Jörg Leonhardt is Head of Human Factors in Safety Management Department at DFS – Deutsche Flugsicherung – the German Air Navigation Service provider. He holds a Master degree in Human Factors and Aviation Safety from Lund University, Sweden. He co-chairs the EUROCONTROL Safety Human Performance Sub-Group and is the Project leader of DFS- EUROCONTROL “Weak Signals” project.

Tony Licu is Head of Safety Unit within Network Manager Directorate of EUROCONTROL. He leads the support of safety management and human factors deployment programmes of EUROCONTROL. He has extensive ATC operational and engineering background and holds a Master degree in avionics. Tony co-chairs EUROCONTROL Safety Team and EUROCONTROL Safety Human Performance Sub-group.

Christoph Peters spends half his time as an Air Traffic Controller for Düsseldorf Approach and the other half as a Senior Expert in Human Factors for the Corporate Safety Management Department at DFS – Deutsche Flugsicherung. He completed a degree in psychology and is member of the EUROCONTROL Safety Human Perfomance Sub-Group and the DFS-EUROCONTROL “Weak Signals” project.


These principles have been derived from the work of key thinkers in the field of systems thinking, resilience engineering, systems ergonomics, social science and safety – too many to acknowledge here. The material is necessarily shortened and summarised at a very high level. Readers are strongly encouraged to read some of the original works in the References. The contents of the White Paper are the result of cooperation between EUROCONTROL and a number of air navigation service providers, via the EUROCONTROL Safety Human Performance Sub-Group, Safety Improvement Sub-Group, RAT User Group, and Safety Team. We particularly would like to thank the contributors to the views from the field and the narratives, and also the reviewers of this White Paper.

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