Exceptional behaviour

Something exceptional happened. Something exceptional is not the same as "unusual" or "erratic". Exceptional in terms of a safety culture means that somebody acted with unusual skill or courage to bring an unexpected[1] situation that posed great risk back into the safety zone, or demonstrated great anticipation to avoid such a situation. It is very closely related to "resilience", whereby people are willing to act on an anomaly even before they made a full diagnosis, and demonstrate that they are able to act correctly at great speed and under the guidance of swift negative feedback.

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How to use the navigator

This is a general purpose navigator that has been inspired on a combination of theoretical models. Our purpose is to give you a quick method to get to a broad interpretation of observed behaviour. From there, you can go into more detail by delving into established safety culture models for further analysis and for appropriate remedies.

This "navigator" module will take you through a set of structured questions.

Select the most appropriate answer. You will get a chance to compare your outcome with examples from your own and possibly other industries, allowing you to 'calibrate' your thinking and opinion about the action during the safety event.

You can use the up arrow Up button.png to go back to the previous step in the decision tree.

You can use the Next button.png next arrow to see what follow-up and consequences for the person in question could apply.

The following diagram explains the complete structure of the decision flow chart (click on picture for full image in new window). Handy if you want to have the complete overview.


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