Best Practice – Recurrent Training

Best Practice – Recurrent Training

  • Produce an airspace infringement package for controller recurrent training
  • Use infringement incident replays to show best practice and common errors in dealing with airspace infringements.
  • Show current statistics and emphasise the importance of reporting
  • Remind controllers of the limitations of visual scan and alerting tools
  • Highlight the benefits of a positive attitude towards general aviation pilots who are generally less experienced than their commercial counterparts.

Cost – Staff costs in developing and delivering the presentation


Countries that have added infringements presentations to recurrent training report a positive response from controllers and good discussion about the issues. In the UK the addition of pilot responses in the presentations and an update on national initiatives to tackle the problem has shown controllers the benefits of reporting and reporting levels have risen. Human Factors training has also included infringement incidents in the visual scan elements of the training.

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