Controller Training

Controller Training

Best Practice – Controller Training

  • Produce a guide to handling VFR flights for controller training.
  • Train controllers in how to deal with the variable nature of VFR requests. Use past scenarios and radar replay to generate discussion and provide sample solutions.
  • Include an element of understanding VFR flight and helicopter operations in controller’s basic training. Familiarisation flights or flight training can be valuable additions to classroom material, and mutually beneficial links can be provided between flight schools or private pilots and ATC.
  • Engage general aviation representative bodies in developing the material that is relevant for controllers to know.

Cost – Staff costs in developing and delivering the presentation


As a result of this being highlighted in the UK, AOPA have taken on the task of preparing basic awareness material for controllers. Local agreements have also been made for controllers and FISOs to take familiarisation flights. In Germany, controllers are trained on flight simulators in normal and abnormal situations that pilots may experience.

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