Military Pilot Awareness

Military Pilot Awareness

Best Practice – Military Pilot Awareness

  • Develop a method of communicating infringement data to military pilots.
  • Incidents should be jointly investigated by the regulator and military authorities. As in general aviation, the power to make improvements lies mainly with the pilots so it is essential to develop a collaborative approach.
  • The statistics about military infringements, particularly the hotspots where they occur, need to be communicated to military pilots. This is best done by military pilots themselves in their own safety seminars.
  • The data needs to be regularly updated and, because of the short nature of many detachments, regularly presented.

Costs – Staff costs to set up processes and provide regular data


The UK identified military infringement hotspots and analysed the data to determine which bases were responsible for most infringements. Contact was made with those bases and material was supplied to the military investigation authorities to produce presentations for the crews at those bases. Joint investigation started after a high- risk military infringement and has produced good collaboration.

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