A person was deliberately not following the rules

A person was deliberately not following the rules

Despite the fact that the rules were clear and understood, your worker decided not to follow this. It should no tbe like that, but it happened. Did this happen before?

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Not heard before.png You again.png Everybody does it like that.png

If this is the first time it happened, select the left icon.

If indeed this happens more often, does it happen with the same person (select middle icon) or does it happen with different people or operators (select right icon)?

Explanation routine

Have you seen this before?

The Routine Test is designed to find out more about the person - event combination that was concerned with the particular error or procedural deviation.

Three classes are possible here:

  1. This is the first time it happened.
  2. This occurred more than once by the same person.
  3. Everybody does it like that.

Depending on the characteristic of the safety behaviour, one can understand there are different possible follow-ups.

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