Radar Service

Radar Service

Best Practice – Radar Service

  • Consider the provision of a radar service, either in the form of flight following or enhanced FIS using fully qualified radar controllers. This has been shown to have benefit in reducing the number of airspace infringements in complex airspace where infringements regularly occur.

Cost – Staff and equipment costs.


In the UK a new Air Traffic Services Outside Controlled Airspace (ATSOCAS) for aircraft flying in the vicinity of the London Terminal Area, has been introduced. Advice on the location of controlled airspace is given to pilots where appropriate and from January to September 2010, 887 airspace proximity warnings had been given. Additionally, in 83% of cases where aircraft working Farnborough ATSOCAS weren’t spotted in time and did infringe, ATSOCAS made a positive input to a swift resolution of the problem. Farnborough ATSOCAS has worked 86,492 aircraft movements outside controlled airspace between January and September 2010 and expects to top 100,000 movements in the year. To provide this service requires three controller positions, manned from 0800 to 2000 each day.

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Area of coverage of new LARS for class G airspace.

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