Safety and Justice

Safety and Justice

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Welcome to the Safety and Justice Tookit.

This toolkit is designed to be a general purpose utility. It does not exclusively follow one of the many models about Just Culture that one can find in literature, publications, magazines, websites or blogs. Where relevant, it points users towards more available material elsewhere. First and foremost, the toolkit aims to be as practicable as possible and help users determine, or rather, "interpret" human actions and behaviour during a safety event.

Interpreting Human Behaviour

This toolkit supports the interpretation of human behaviour during a safety event. This may help you in implementing a Just Culture, whereby both accountability and organisational learning are optimally achieved. The home page shows the interpretor on the left ready for use, but if you want more information, check out the Welcome pages and the Theory pages first.

If you see something go right or wrong in a professional environment it is wise to be deliberate in how you react.

Advanced users: In the below table, find the level that best matches the observed behaviour. Then select one of the follow-ups on the same row to see suggestions.

Beginners: If you don't know how to select the correct level, check out the general purpose 'Behaviour Navigator' first to see how it works.



Need help selecting the right behaviour class?

Apply the Behaviour Navigator

About the Toolkit

This toolkit was developed by Job Brüggen, Safety manager at Air Traffic Control the Netherlands and Patrick Kools of GoGen - Beyond Rules. 

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