Stabilised Approach Awareness Toolkit for ATC

Stabilised Approach Awareness Toolkit for ATC

The toolkit is aimed at providing awareness to Air Traffic Controllers on the subject of Stabilised Approach. This aid was developed jointly by the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO), the Flight Safety Foundation, EUROCONTROL and Cotswold Airport.


Annually approximately 30% of accidents in our industry are runway excursions. Many of these excursions are the result of unstable approaches. How can controllers play their part in achieving a stabilised approach?

Top 10 Stabilised Approach Considerations for Air Traffic Controllers

How much do you know about stabilised approaches? Is it enough? Take a look at this list of considerations for controllers and find out.

Approach briefing examples

See the problems

View dramatised events illustrating real-life problems. Why did they happen? How could they be avoided?

These video clips are short demonstrations of some events leading to unstabilised approaches. Watch them with, or without the transcripts. You can also download the self-study notes to get even more benefit from them.



In the Cockpit

ATC Considerations

Training material

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