VFR Guidance Material

VFR Guidance Material

Best Practice – VFR Guidance Material

  • Produce guides written by controllers detailing the preferred routes through controlled airspace and best practices to gain a clearance. These can help pilots in flight planning.
  • Produce guides for VFR flights outside of controlled airspace, as these can also be a valuable addition to the standard airspace chart.
  • Detail instructions and recommended routes into and out of general aviation fly-ins or air displays. These have been shown to reduce infringements, particularly by foreign pilots.

Cost – Preparation and publication costs for the various guides.


The UK has produced a number of VFR guides for flying near or through complicated parts of controlled and uncontrolled airspace. Some of these guides show aerial photographs of the Visual Reporting Points (VRPs), others have guidance from local controllers on the best crossing points and the most recent is a series of DVDs showing recommended routes for helicopters in the Heathrow Control Zone and the best routes outside CAS below the London TMA. The ANSP has also worked closely with a number of aviation event organisers to produce detailed guidance for visiting pilots, leading to significant reductions in the number of infringements associated with those events.

Sample Material

VFR Airspace Guide.

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