Automation in Air Traffic Control

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Automation in Air Traffic Control


Note: follow up of the webinar of 10 December 2021

Adaptable Automation for a more human-centered work design? In her research, Michèle is primarily concerned with the effects of automation on work design and new requirements for employees in high reliability organizations. Within the scope of her PhD research project, she cooperates with DFS (DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH) analyzing the effects of automation in Air Traffic Control. In this webinar, Michèle will present the results of a study conducted with Air Traffic Controllers investigating the effects of adaptable automation on the human operator. Leading research questions are: What are the advantages of adaptable automation compared to static automation? Can adaptable automation contribute to a more human-centered work design?


Michèle Rieth

Michèle Rieth is a business psychologist, graduated in 2018, and works as a research assistant and PhD candidate in the field of Business Psychology and Human Resource Management at the University of Bremen, Germany.

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