Surprised by Automation

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Surprised by Automation


Automation is taking over more and more tasks not just in our everyday life but also in Aviation. Most of the time it assists us in many useful ways which we don`t want to miss anymore. Often we don`t even notice it because we have become so used to it. But sometimes it confuses us and we ask ourselves the questions: "Why did it just do that?" because we do not understand what happened. That`s when danger sets in.
What does it mean for front end operators in aviation and who is responsible when something goes wrong?

In this webinar, Sebastian Dauenert explains what automation is, how it confronts us in everyday life and what it means in aviation. Find out how it went right and wrong in aviation, cockpit as well as ATC, by some genuine incidents that will be presented. Experience some ideas on how to generate reasonable trust with operators but also how to cope with it from a safety perspective.

Sebastian Daeunert

Sebastian Daeunert

Retired ATCO and Safety Manager, Just Culture expert

Sebastian worked as an active TWR/APP controller for 15 years before getting into safety management and human factors. He was the Safety Manager of Frankfurt Tower until regular early retirement in 2021. He held several lectures at Human Factors Conferences in Brussels, Amsterdam, Madrid and Lisbon. He now works in the EUROCONTROL/ IFATCA prosecutor expert scheme and holds presentations at EUROCONTROL Just Culture Committee and the Safety Human Performance Sub-Group.

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