Use of Operational Breaks

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Use of Operational Breaks


This webinar aims to provide a multi-perspective view on the use of operational breaks in the aviation domain. The five presenters will give insights derived from operational experience, empirical observations, analysis of neuropsychological implications, guidance on fatigue management, and behaviour change frameworks. The webinar will provide useful information on prevailing practices, concerns, and good practices in relation to rest breaks in aviation. The webinar may also be relevant to other high-tempo domains where breaks are critical for human performance and wellbeing. The webinar will feature five short talks from different speakers, followed by a Q&A session.


• Eric Carter - Safety Analyst and former ATCO (FAA)

• Marinella Leone - Advanced Learning Team Leader (EUROCONTROL)

• Adriana-Dana Schmitz – Human factors expert (EUROCONTROL)

• Antonio Licu – Acting Head of the Network Manager Directorate Technology Division (EUROCONTROL)

• Steve Shorrock - Senior human factors and safety expert (EUROCONTROL)

Eric Carter

Eric Carter

Safety Analyst and former ATCO (FAA)

Eric Carter’s background is in Air Traffic Control for 33+ years and in Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) for 14+ years. He has worked as an Analyst and Event Review Committee member, as well as a constant promoter of all things safety. This work and personal experiential observation is what got him curios about the available practices of mitigating fatigue. The desire is to expand further into the subject, with experts in the field. In addition, Eric has recently shifted to working in the automobile industry where driver fatigue, starting with training, is a focal point.

Marinella Leone

Marinella Leone

Advanced Learning Team Leader (EUROCONTROL)

Marinella Leone is the human factors expert responsible for both the analysis of operational changes and the human factors training at MUAC. Since 2022 she has also been leading the Advanced Learning team, which drives innovation and delivers continuation training for operational staff through competence management, course redesign and eLearning development. Under her guidance, Team Resource Management has expanded its reach to encompass a broader spectrum of roles beyond the ATCO population and across service providers.

Dana Schmitz

Adriana-Dana Schmitz

Human Factors Expert (EUROCONTROL)

Adriana-Dana Schmitz with a background in Clinical Neuropsychology, transitioned to the aviation sector in 2014 upon joining EUROCONTROL. Most of her work here was spent doing research, where she eventually assumed leadership of Human Performance activities for SESAR. Since 2023, she serves as a Human Performance Expert in EUROCONTROL's Safety team within the Network Management Directorate. Her current role involves assisting ANSPs in implementing Human Factors locally and contributing to projects aimed at advancing Human Factors and Safety methodologies.

Tony Licu

Antonio Licu

Acting Head of the Network Manager Directorate - technology Division (EUROCONTROL)

Tony Licu has recently been appointed as the acting Head of the Network Manager Directorate Technology Division at EUROCONTORL. Prior to this, Tony has been the Head of Operational Safety, SQS and Integrated Risk Management Unit & the Head of Digital Transformation Office within Network Management Directorate of EUROCONTROL. He leads the support of safety management and human factors deployment programmes of EUROCONTROL as well as the digital transformation of the Network Manager.

Dr Steven Shorrock

Dr Steven Shorrock

Senior Expert Safety and Human Factors (EUROCONTROL)

Dr. Steve Shorrock is an interdisciplinary humanistic, systems and design practitioner interested in human experience from multiple perspectives, especially in a work context. Since 1997, he has provided consulting, research and training services in aviation, rail, chemical, energy, and healthcare sectors, to industry, government and inter-governmental organisations. His approach involves working with individuals and groups at all levels of organisations, front-line to CEO. He also works with the judiciary and national governments.

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