Why “natural” Human-Data Interaction?


Why “natural” Human-Data Interaction?


Part 1 of 3 of a new series of webinars on Human Data Interaction

Based on almost 20 years of research in different projects, this part introduces the basics, goals, and lessons learned of Human-Data Interaction (HDI) and explains why our computer systems could greatly benefit from more “natural” ways of interaction, particularly in the coming age of increased automation and artificial intelligence.

Hans-Christian Jetter

Prof. Hans-Christian Jetter

Professor of Interaction Design and User Experience · University of Luebeck

He is a computer scientist, Professor of Interaction Design and User Experience, and Head of the iDUX (Interaction Design and User eXperience) group at the University of Lübeck. He is particularly interested in an ideally "natural" human-machine interaction (HMI) and human-data interaction (HDI) that lets individuals or teams interactively explore, experience, visualize, manipulate, and make sense of complex data sets and data models.

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